Why you should never sleep with any girl that wears waist beads – If her beads have this colour, RUN for your life

These days, a lot of girls wear waist beads for reasons best known to them. Though a few really don’t know what the different colours stand for, they just wear it for beautification and of course, fashion. But, it is actually deeper than most of us think and sometimes diabolical; in fact, some girls use it as a form of love portion. Colours like green, gold and blue signify sexual signals, love, wealth, power, preciousness, energy, self-confidence, vitality, passion and many others.

–> This article will intimate you about the history of waist beads, why girls wear it, the different colours of waist beads and what they signify. To the ordinary eye, it is for beautification and fashion sense, but for those in the know, it is more than that.
Brief introduction on waist beads


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