Sunday, January 24, 2021

I Stopped Going To Church Because I Don’t Really Understand What Christianity Is All About – Actress Efia Odo

Popular Kwese TV presenter admitted believing in the existence of God and Jesus Christ but stated that Christianity is complex as there are so many contradictory dogmas and sects within the Christendom.
“I used to attend church when i was young, i would…click next below to continue reading

follow my mum to church but as i grow up, i stopped attending church because I don’t really understand what this religion is all about” she said.

On being controversial, Efia Odo said in the interview on Hitz FM;

” I am not controversial. I think I am myself in a different land. It’s your choice to believe my truth or not. That speaks more about you than me. Because you want to hear and believe the negative”

Source: Yaba

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  • Read the Bible your self and ask God to open your understanding to know His word. Luke 24:45. If have started studying the word you will understand the meaning of Christianity.

  • Just because you don’t really want to know why you were created and what life is worth living for study the word of God to understand why you should go to church and while you should worship Jesus.

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