Friday, January 22, 2021

Hottest Nollywood Actresses In Their 40s;Everyone Thinks Number 7 Is 28 Years Old

This list is brought to you courtesy of Corona virus lockdown and Boredom Incorporated.

I initially though of titling it “Sexiest Nollywood MILFs”, but I find that term somewhat disrespectful, so, I settled for Dames. This list is detailing all your favorite Nollywood actresses…40 and older. yes, these are the women who know that age is nothing but a number, and looking good ain’t got nothing to do with youth. Now, the most important factors I considered in compiling these looks, are attractiveness and BAWDY, so, if you don’t see some of your favorite mamas…well, feel free to give them a shout out in the comment section. Initially, I was going to rank these ladies, but then, there were so many different brands of beauty, I couldn’t bring myself to rank them. So, here is, (to the best of my knowledge) a comprehensive list of some of the sexiest actresses on your screen, in no order. Bear in mind, this isn’t about who sabi act, who no sabi act, whose movie you’ve seen, and who you only know from Instablog and BellaNaija posts. These women are all actresses, who have featured in a movie within the last five years. Here goes:

1. Funke Akindele-Bello (42)

2. Shaffy Bello (45+)
Can your mama ever?

3. Ireti Doyle (52)
Sugar Mama Padita Agu (41)
Issa baby girl next below to continue..

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