Thursday, October 22, 2020

A Complete List of the World’s Best Jobs With Free Room and Board




If you’re tired of paying for rent and groceries, trade in your current job for one of these options that include free room and board. Whether you’re looking for a short-term gig or a permanent position, an unskilled job or a professional occupation, this list has opportunities for you to consider.


Lots of businesses hire after-hours security. Some of those companies opt to have their security guards live on-site. One example is storage facilities. Land a night security job at a storage facility, and there’s a good chance it will come with a free apartment on the property. Just keep an ear out for any problems, and you’re free to do whatever you want with your time. This is a great way to score free rent while maintaining a day job or going to school.

Touring Shows

Go on the road with a touring show and enjoy free room and board –and travel. Theater groups, circuses, bands, carnivals, and other traveling acts require lots of support staff—and you don’t have to be an entertainer to land a spot on the crew. These groups need everything from lighting and sound specialists to caterers, accountants, and hair stylists to keep the show going. If you’ve grown bored with your current profession, this is a fun way to shake things up, while drastically reducing your living expenses.

Tourism Jobs

Visit popular travel destinations during peak season and let someone else pick up the tab for your meals and lodging. There are loads of seasonal jobs available in the tourism industry, and many of them come with free room and board. Wait tables; be a lifeguard; lead hikes; work the front desk; or perform in live shows. There are all sorts of jobs up for grabs. In fact, there are even positions for doctors, massage therapists, chefs and other skilled professionals.

While these types of jobs are typically seasonal in nature, many people make their living by hopping from one tourist location to the next. Work at a beach resort in the summer. Then, move on to a ski resort for the winter. Once you get your foot in the door, it’s usually easy to get hired back year after year.

Possible places of employment include cruise ships, resorts, retreats, conference centers, national parks, casinos and summer camps.

Other places to find seasonal tourism jobs:


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