Thursday, October 22, 2020

6 Reasons why you should start sleeping Nak*d – #2 will make you want to always do It

Why you should start sleeping Naked: Scientists shave claimed that sleeping naked helps to do certain incredible things to the human body. These are some of those things. Sleeping naked shouldn’t just be reserved for heatwaves – scientists claim it has a range of health-boosting benefits. From boosting male virility to reducing stress, it seems simply peeling your clothes off before bed can cure all sorts of ailments and generally just make life a bit easier.


1. It’s literally the coolest thing you can do

The Los Angeles Sleep Study Institute claims that there’s a direct link between insomnia and poor body temperature regulation. Their team of expert claims one of the reasons people wake up in the night and struggle to drop off again is because they’ve overheated. However, by ditching the threads, the body can better maintain its own temperature and you’re less likely to wake up.

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