Monday, November 23, 2020

15 Hilarious things of Nigerian ladies do when they visit a guy for the first time (With Photos)

As if it is not enough stress going through the talking stage, they also compound the problem during thr first visit. But in all they are worth it, we love our Nigerian ladies even though we love to deny it. Read through the hilrious things Nigerian ladies doduring theor first visit, remember, it’s all bants.

1 The ones that once they enter inside and you don’t have chairs, they will rather stand than sit on your bed *Better goan borrow chair*

2 The ones that once they get in, the next you will hear is “Do you have food in this house?”
my dear calm down, do you have generational hunger in your family?

3 The ones that will wear seven bum shorts and four layers of pads inside. Even John Thomas would have gone flaccid before he pulls the first blockade.

4 The ones that like the guy already, they will even ignore your chairs and jump to the bed. You don’t need to talk too much, what they need is action

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