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11 Things A Big Girl Does When She Likes You, But She Don’t Know How To Tell You – My Brother, If You Notice Number 8, Know That She Has Fallen For You Deeply!

This is very important!…

Below are 16 Things A Big Girl Does When She Likes You But She Don’t Know How To Tell You Already – My Brother If You Notice Number 8, Know That She Has Fallen For You Deeply!

Know this,girls are very mysterious and it’s usually very hard to know whether a girl likes you or not. Traditionally its the boys who make the first move, so openly admitting one’s feelings for a buy is very intimidating. However, she will show signs that she is interested in you but just too shy to ask you out. If you’ve ever wondered what these could be read on!

1. She will start to dress differently

A girl who likes you will suddenly step out of her sweats and suddenly catch your eye with a stellar wardrobe. So if you see that a girl you know is dressing up for you, she might like you.

2. She will start putting on more makeup
Shy girls often do not want too much attention drawn to them so they often avoid makeup. A girl who suddenly starts wearing makeup around you wants to look put together and attractive for you.

3. You’ll hear giggling when you pass by her friends
If you pass by her group of friends and you hear whispering and giggling in your direction it means they were discussing you! Don’t be alarmed, it just means they know their friend likes you and are excited for her. It is a definite sign a girl likes you.

4. Her friends will openly tease you
If you know her friends and they start teasing you about your plans over the weekend or your potential feelings for a girl, it means they are gathering intel! They want to know if you feel the same way, only to report back to their friend.

5. She’ll offer to help you in little ways
A girl who isn’t ready to tell you she likes you will offer to help you do little things. Maybe she’ll help you carry something or offer to tutor you. She wants to spend more time with you and she’s finding excuses to do so.

6. You’ll catch her looking at you
A girl’s stare will give her away. So if you notice bedroom eyes directed at you from across the classroom, that is a blatant sign she likes you. Consider approaching her.
7. She laughs at your jokes
We girls know that guys love getting their egos blown up. So if a girl laughs at all your jokes, she wants you to like her. Its a way to get your attention.8. She’ll ignore you
Believe it or not, this is a big sign a girl likes you. If a girl suddenly starts blowing you off for no reason she’s either very angry or likes you very much. Avoiding may be a way to avoid rejection.9. She texts you a lot
In order to avoid direct contact with you, she will text you a lot. Once she gets your number and starts texting you about how your day is going or just little things it means she has feelings for you.

10. She likes your facebook posts or favorites your tweets
This is casual social media flirting. A shy girl wants to get your attention and in order to get notice she’ll send a like or favorite your way.

11. She becomes friends with your friends
A shy girl will try to get close to your friends before you. This is another way to get close to you and get your attention. In addition to this, getting your friends to like her is a strategy to express her feelings for next to continue and read 12,13,14,15 and 16 below..

12. You see her becoming more interested in things you are interested in
If you suddenly see a shy girl in clubs, classes, or activities that you enjoy it means she is trying to get you to notice her. She wants to establish common interests in order to make the connection stronger.

13. She plays with her hair around you
This is a very girly flirtation move. Playing with her hair means she doesn’t want to approach you but she wants you to notice her.

14. She finds a way to make physical contact with you
Flirting with shy girls is a little more difficult than girls who are more confident. Shy girls will find reason to touch your arm, your back, or just bump into you. This is a definite sign she likes you.

15. She teases you
This is a very middle school flirtation move, but blatant nonetheless. If she playfully teases you it means she wants to flirt with you but doesn’t want to make it obvious.

16. She compliments you
This is perhaps the most simple yet effective sign that a shy girl likes you. Little compliments are just a slight sign that she likes you and wants to know more about you.

What do you think of these signs?

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