How I murdered the witches who attempted to start me into their coven – Popular witch on-screen character, Iya Gbonkan

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Well known and star on-screen character, Toyin Abraham, otherwise called World Best has a solid and unbreakable bond with her

stepdaughter, Temitope Ajeyemi. Turning into an ideal stepmother is perhaps the best obligation of a spouse. Satisfying the job of a mother to a kid whom you have not birthed or attempting to have a beneficial outcome in probably the hardest obligation.


Mainstream Yoruba entertainer Margaret Bandele Olayinka otherwise called Iya Gbonkan who uncovered how she was nearly executed subsequent to going about as a feared witch in the film “Koto Orun” and a spin-off, “Koto Aye” that shut her into fame likewise opened up on how she managed the witches who attempted to start her into their coven, which in the long run prompted the witch’s passing.

The actor in the meeting with “Japagogo TV” uncovered that she utilized a turning stick (Oregun in Yoruba) to hit the witch while she moved toward her at 12 PM washing exposed.

“After I told the witch I was not intrigued in light of the fact that I have a God. She continued alarming me each 12 PM. The night I managed her, I was washing in the veranda, since I realized she would come at 12 PM, I previously held a turning stick, as she moved toward me I asked; hello “Abangada” the beguiling winged creature. the barbarous fledgling what do you need? As she needed to peck me I hit her with the turning stick. the side where I hit her made her debilitated from that point till her passing.”

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