What befell this woman after she showered aroma on her priv*te part to satisfy her sweetheart

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A Nigerian woman has cautioned her kindred women who apply all kind of substances to the private dad rts just to make it more

speaking to their accomplices. She shared the tale of how a young lady she knows almost lost her life during a year ago’s valentine due to attempting to satisfy her darling.

Chukwuba Chiluba said the young lady nearly kicked the bucket a year ago while denoting the uncommon day after she showered aroma in her pri-vate parts.

The youngster additionally compared sex to black magic while imparting her insight on the web.

Peruse underneath what she shared on Facebook.

“On the off chance that YOU FORNICATE, YOU ARE A WITCH.

Kindly don’t do anything idiotic this valentine . Around this time a year ago there was a young lady that pre-owned fragrance inside her private areas and got hospitalized, we nearly lost her to the virus hands of death . You investigated your pri-vate part , eye ball to eyeball and splashed an exceptionally cruel compound inside it , what were your arrangements ?

This message goes out to v2rgins who will crush their spirits satisfying a butt head on Valentine’s Day. In a 2 star lodging . He don’t cherish you

In any case, think about who cherishes you each and every day, and he needn’t bother with you to shower aroma inside your pri-vate part ?

Jesus adores you ! Try not to play yourself!”

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