Look at the 7 Regina Daniels’ tattoos in various pieces of her body and what they mean (Photos)

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Regina Daniels has communicated a portion of her styles through the specialty of tattoos and there are stories behind every one of the six

tattoos on her body. The wonderful entertainer has gotten the tattoos over the most recent 10 years in the wake of being affected by her sibling, Sammy West. Here’s a rundown of her current inkings and the story behind every one.


1. Everlastingly 16

The principal word to be inked on Regina Daniels came as an expression, ‘Always 16′ with an endlessness sign. The expression with the sign advises how Daniels needs to feel for a mind-blowing remainder. The inking is arranged only a little over her cleavage

2. Heartbeat rate

Regina joined a great many tattoo darlings that have the Heartbeat tattoo. The tattoo is inked on her correct wrist. The heartbeat tattoo is likewise alluded to as the EKG line tattoo. The tattoo looks very like the wavy lines that get shaped as the pulses. There are various implications related with the tattoo, for example, recognition of a friend or family member, or festivity of something unique.

3. Nautical star

On Regina Daniels’ correct arm is a major Nautical star inking. The tattoo is generally clear on the body of the famous on-screen character. The Nautical star has five focuses and each point will have a dark side and a white side.

4. Princess on the correct arm

Just by the Nautical star inking on Regina’s correct arm is the word Princess. Whenever joined, it’s simpler to state the entertainer alludes to herself as the ‘Star Princess’.

5. Heart shape

On Regina Daniels’ correct cleavage is little heart shape. The heart shape is hued dark and consumes a barely noticeable space. The dark heart shape is perhaps the most recent tattoo the entertainer got

6. A little cross

This little, fine cross on Regina’s correct collarbone is a tattoo committed to her faith in God. The inking is supposed to be little enough for Regina to cover it up with gems in the event that she needs to hide it. The tattoo is compared to the sort on Rihanna’s collarbone.

7. A butterfly

To Regina’s left side dark shaded butterfly. The inking is arranged only a brief time after her shoulder. The little measured butterfly is unquestionable when Regina detects an off-shoulder dress or outfit.

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