15 Hilarious things of Nigerian women do when they visit a person just because (With Photos)

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Nigerian women are unique variety of ladies and it takes on Nigerian men to deal with them, despite the fact that they don’t give

us the full credits we merit. I’m certain each person at one point in time more likely than not experienced at any rate one of the 15 things Nigerian women do when they visit just because.


As though it isn’t sufficient pressure experiencing the talking stage, they likewise aggravate the issue during thr first visit. In any case, in all they are justified, despite all the trouble, we love our Nigerian women despite the fact that we love to deny it. Peruse the hilrious things Nigerian women doduring theor first visit, recall, it’s all bants.

1 The ones that once they enter inside and you don’t have seats, they will preferably remain over sit on your bed *Better goan get chair*

2 The ones that once they get in, the following you will hear is “Do you have food in this house?”

my dear quiet down, do you have generational craving in your family?

3 The ones that will wear seven bum shorts and four layers of cushions inside. Indeed, even John Thomas would have gone limp before he pulls the primary bar.

4 The ones that like the person as of now, they will even overlook your seats and hop to the bed. You don’t have to go on and on, what they need is activity

5 The ones that will abstain from wearing torn underpants. Dislike they intend to do anything with the folks however one can never be too cautious with regards to kanji matters.

You can’t coman see my tear gasp

6 The ones that will continue yelling time’s slipping away oo, I’m not resting over oo. My companion quiet down, don’t pressure me abeg

7 The ones that once they go into a person’s home and the inside stylistic theme is on fleek, they are as of now seeing someone. Next thing you will hear “What would i be able to change into?”

8 The ones that once they go into your room and your companions begin leaving in a steady progression, she will follow the last individual and leave. “This spot every one of them are

going must be essential to the world, let me join abeg”

9 The ones that will be aware of your developments in the room, the second you begin drawing close to them, they will move. ‘Oga remain on your own na, would you say you are a moving train?”

10. The ones that are really on their period and that is the reason they came in light of the fact that they know nothing will occur. That is insidiousness in it’s crude structure

11 The ones that realize they are coming to gather the D. Particularly when una wear convey s*x talk slaughter unaself. Their legs dey resemble screen contact, you should simply swipe left. E wear open.

12. The ones with great hometraining. When they enter, they begin tidying the webs you utilized as jamboree enhancements in your loft, organizing things and washing you 2weeks old indomie pot.They are uncommon, if you don’t mind dont make her extremely upset

13. The ones that have sense and get you stuff when coming over. Normal politeness is uncommon nowadays, keep her.

14.The ones that will acknowledge nothing you offer them. They are terrified you may spike their beverages. However, folks, we have to watch it. Assent is vital

15. The ones that will accompany two of their companions. Two jobless companions really. Did I welcome you individuals to our compound year’s end party?

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