Peruse The Untold Story Of Nigeria’s King Of Money, Victor Okafor, Ezeego 1 Of Ihiala – How He Died, His Kids, Mansions and More (With Photos)

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Untold Story Of Nigeria’s King Of Money, Victor Okafor, Ezeego 1 Of Ihiala – How He Died, His Kids, Mansions and More

Here is the narrative of a man of numerous sides, Chief Victor Nnamdi Okafor, the Eze Ego (King of Money) I of Ihiala a.k.a Udu Bunch a.k.a The Young Millionaire, the Igbo magnate who kicked the bucket lamentably at a time he was to commend his birthday. Notice Victor Okafor and nobody will jerk a muscle. In any case, notice Ezego, King of Money and you will see the eyes of numerous Nigerians light up with energy. He would have been one of Africa’s extremely rich people. He was lighter looking, talked delicately and comforting grins moved on his rotund cheeks highlighted by a not very rugged mustache. He was moderately extremely youthful however as around then, he was very notable and appropriately regarded in the Nigerian business society.

Here is the narrative of a man of numerous sides, Chief Victor Nnamdi Okafor, the Eze Ego (King of Money) I of Ihiala otherwise known as Udu Bunch otherwise known as The Young Millionaire, the Igbo head honcho who passed on sadly at a time he was to commend his birthday.


A first child and a local of Uzoakwa, Ihiala in Anambra State, the late Ezego was conceived on the 25th of December, 1964. Ezego’s story is frequently touted as one of the great clothes to newfound wealth stories in Nigeria. He had his elementary school training at the Uzoakwa Primary School yet he had to drop out in the auxiliary school, Abbot Boys’ Secondary School, Ihiala and in the long run took to business. His youth was an extremely horrible one and at a point, his own dad allegedly repudiated him when he was seized for being an individual from a theft group that demonstrated Onitsha brokers terrible .


While a portion of his kindred hoodlums were gotten and rebuffed, Ezego fled to Umumeni Village where his furious dad was said to have driven him out. From that point, he went to Umuduru, his mom’s town. In any case, things were not blushing for him at Umuduru and in 1989, he chose to move to Lagos where he joined a coach. What happened a long time after that remain covered in secret however whenever the world would be knowing about Ezego, he was at that point a multimillionaire, one of the crème de la crème of Lagos. In Lagos, he set up the Ezego Shopping Complex on Allen Avenue (there was likewise a branch in Abuja) and furthermore the Ezego Plaza on the Murtala Muhammed International Airport Road. From these spots, he worked and controlled one of the greatest hardware store in Nigeria. His different organizations were Vic-Winners International Limited, Ezego Nigeria Limited, Ezego Holdings Limited, Vitex Zinc Co. Restricted and Ezego Properties Limited.


On the 25th of December, 1999, passing came thumping on Ezego’s entryway. Be that as it may, he was not even mindful in the scarcest. Ezego’s birthday was on the 25th of December and it was his typical custom to storm Ihiala, his old neighborhood each Christmas for the twofold festival (really, it was a triple festival: his birthday, Christmas and the New Year). His family and ladies in Ihiala anxiously anticipated his yearly homecoming which implied a great deal of treats for everybody. Thus it was that game changing December of 1999. Ezego and everybody in his family were cheerful and plans were completely made for the excursion back home. Ezego was prone to storm the lethargic, natural old neighborhood of Ihiala, dazzling his kin with his unbelievable riches and prosperity. In this manner, the 1999 version was the same. The entire of Nigeria would realize that Ezego was visiting the area. The absolute generally looked for after performers on the planet’s most crowded dark country were charged to engage the visitors at the most energizing aplenty of the year. Afrobeat maestro, Femi Kuti and his Positive Force Band were charged to amaze the visitors and rock the network to its very establishment. Prev2 of 5Next

To show how genuine Ezego took the gathering, the moneybag actually visited the Afrikan Shrine to meet Femi Anikulapo-Kuti so as to guarantee that all went on easily. The gathering was charged to begin from the evening of Christmas to the Boxing Day (26th) so Ezego chose to begin his excursion from Lagos on the 23rd of December. In any case, much to his dismay that every one of his endeavors were futile. He was unwittingly making arrangements for his own memorial service. Be that as it may, what definitely occurred?

On the 23rd of December, Ezego left Lagos as arranged, heading towards the southeastern locale of Nigeria. He took off in a most showy style, in a caravan of six of his best cars. These incorporated a Lincoln Navigator (1999 model), limousine, blue Porsche, Lexus jeep, a Cherokee jeep and a most recent Honda. The intriguing thing about that game changing outing was that Ezego would ordinarily travel to either Enugu or Port Harcourt where he would then be driven in an escort to Ihiala. In any case, the lethal paces of air crashes during that period professed to have made him alter his perspective. The result was unfortunate for the head honcho. For some obscure reasons, Ezego chose to get behind his Lexus jeep in the guard and drive himself right from Lagos to Ihiala. In any case, some place along the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway, the main difficulty raised its terrible head. Inconvenience began when the Cherokee’s jeep’s motor got broken. Be that as it may, Ezego was in a rush and couldn’t engage missing his calendar and showing up on schedule. So he chose to continue ‘dealing with’ the jeep for whatever length of time that conceivable. Yet, when the jeep got to Asaba in Delta State, the vehicle stalled totally in the oil-rich state. Presently, things were not getting clever any longer. Ezego was clearly in trouble. His kin were hanging tight for him back home so the jubilee would begin decisively however here was his vehicle that he dished out of a large number of naira for, giving him the most noticeably awful migraine of his life at a most startling second. However, you know how perilous Nigerian streets are .

Ezego would not like to leave his esteemed vehicle in no place in Asaba helpless before looters. Not the vehicle he purchased with such a lot of cash. In this way, he cried at one of his young men to buy a chain so the jeep would be towed. The chap came back with the chain, which was then joined to the broken jeep. In any case, that was the start of his concern on the grounds that Ezego was said to have demanded towing the stalled vehicle without anyone else with him driving the Lexus pulling the Cherokee. So he was in front while another of his young men was behind the wheels of the Cherokee. All things considered, nobody was in a situation to contend with the chief, so they proceeded with their outing until that pivotal second when they arrived at a spot among Ozabulu and Okija on the Onitsha/Owerri Road. By then, they were only two kilometers from Ihiala in Anambra State, Ezego’s old neighborhood and their last goal, and that was when passing chose to disclose his appalling figure.

Ezego apparently ran into a harmed bit of the street while he was going down a precarious incline and out of nowhere, he stepped on the brakes. The driver of the Cherokee behind him was gotten unprepared and as he was not set up for the unexpected stop, he out of nowhere smashed the Cherokee into Ezego’s gleaming Lexus, sending the mogul tumbling down a profound dump by the side of the road. It should anyway be noticed that there are some other marginally various records of definitely how the mishap occurred. Different reports expressed that it was really the towing chain between the two jeeps that snapped, subsequently compelling the Cherokee at the back to slam into Ezego’s Lexus making him lost control and diving into that loathsome jettison. Promptly this occurred, his caravan was tossed into a commotion. Those in his caravan put forth distracted and edgy attempts to get him out of the discard and get him the best clinical consideration immediately. When they at last prevailing with regards to getting Ezego out of the dump, he had supported a profound slash and his face was greatly puffed up, in this manner deforming his attractive face. He was hurried to the close by Lady of Lourdes Hospital (where Ezego by chance made a gift of N15 million naira a couple of years before the mishap). Prev3 of 5Next

He was as yet alive and stable when they carried him to the clinic and all the clinical laborers went into an overdrive to spare the life of a man they know as a guide and liberal supplier. Be that as it may, things deteriorated and to make matters much all the more startling, there was no specialist on the job. When a clinical specialist in the long run appeared, Ezego was at that point seeping through his mouth, he was having inside draining and was at that point in stun. All endeavors to settle him fizzled. By then, his relatives recommended that he be immediately moved to a superior prepared medical clinic in Port Harcourt. Now, his story gets cloudy as it isn’t known whether he at last kicked the bucket while he was en route to Port Harcourt or while he was being set up for a trip to Lagos from Port Harcourt. Ezego passed on the 26th, Boxing Day. He was only 34.


He was hitched to the reasonable complexioned and wonderful Laurita Nkechi, a princess from Akata in Imo State and the marriage delivered eight kids. Following the demise of her better half, Princess Nkechi moved from Ajao Estate where she had remained with her significant other to Lekki. As at December 2013, it was accounted for by Nigeria Business Guide that she was taking her better half’s business domain to more noteworthy statures with her youngsters in top colleges around the world.

Coincidentally, Ezego’s first child was from a Japanese lady. He likewise fathered kids with other ladies separated from his better half, Nkechi. On Thursday, fourteenth March, 2002, there was a case (Suit Number CA/E/166M/2000) under the watchful eye of the Court of Appeal, Enugu Judicial Division and it was between Ezego’s significant other and Ebun-Olu Adegboruwa on one hand as the appellants and Mrs. Elizabeth Onedibe, Citizens Internationa

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