10 futile and strangely costly things Nigerian superstars have spent their millions on (Photos)

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Being rich must be fun, however we clearly wouldn’t know. Individuals make a solid effort to win their employment. They do all

sorts of work to get cash, however some presumably simply get a lot of it, much the same as our preferred superstars. Nigerian Celebrities are known to have an overwhelming way of life and purchasing an excessive number of things that are simply excessively costly. In any case, there are VIPs who go way over the edge and purchase things which make us question their mental stability and the wellspring of their riches.

Here are 10 such occasions when superstars went over the edge with their shopping binges and got some strange things at significantly increasingly silly costs:


Davido: Diamond-Encrusted ‘BADDEST 7’ Chain: 90 million

Davido Diamond baddest pendant

Davido: ‘Cartier’ eyeglasses-N5 Milllion

David’s N4,5million Cartier Glasses

Wizkid-Wristwatch: 432 million

Ya, you got the value right! On the 25th of January 2018, Wizkid purchased a jewel encrusted wristwatch for $1.2million and when changed over to naira, it adds up to N432milion.

Runtown-White Baby Lion: N50 million

Since pooches and felines are too standard.

Runtown’s pet Lion

Davido: Red Bottoms Shoe – N2.5 million

Do these shoes make you fly?

Davido’s red sole shoe

Davido: Drinks at a dance club in London: N2.5 million

Paul Okoye: Luxurious Bathub-N2.5 million

Paul Okoye’s bath

Davido: Diamond plated lighter-N1.8 million

Davido’s $5000 lighter

Mompha: Tigers as a pet: N3 million

Mompha’s Tiger pets

Yungsix: Drinks at Quilox Nightclub: N3.8 million

Yung6ix burns through N3.8million at Quilox

Davido: Richard Millie Wristwatch-N70 million

Wizkid: Concert outfit-N2 million

As indicated by the Gucci site, his outfit barring cost around 2 million Naira as the shirt goes for an astounding N1.3m while jeans and shoes cost N361, 350 and N299, 300 separately

There are simply such a large number of ways you can squander all your cash

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