Checkout 5 Hot Female Celebrities Actor Odunlade Adekola Has Dated – You Won’t Believe He Dated Number 3 (Photos)

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We bring to you 5 Hot Female Celebrities Actor Odunlade Adekola Has Dated

Much has been said about attractive Nollywood entertainer, Odunlade Adekola and his consistent ascent to fame. The gifted entertainer has captivated a large portion of the Yoruba films’ watching crowd with his exuberant and persuading shows before the cameras.

The wedded job mediator has additionally been connected impractically with numerous women (accurately or mistakenly) including on-screen characters he has worked with previously and at present.

Celeb Police records five prominent women the dad of three has supposedly kissed…

Taiwo Aromokun:

Odunlade’s union with his significant other, Ruth was undermined in 2011 when it was uncovered that he was taking to bed, Taiwo Aromokun, an on-screen character who was a learner under him. Clarifying why they separated to Punch’s Nonye Ben Nwankwo, Taiwo stated, “Odunlade was hitched with two charming children and he was not prepared to take a subsequent spouse. I would have hitched him on the off chance that he had asked me”. Odunlade figured out how to deal with the circumstance successfully and Taiwo got hitched to another man, Olayemi Abimbola. She as of late said a final farewell to her better half with which she has a lot of attractive twin young men.

Ronke Odusanya

Despite the fact that it was never conceded by either party, Flakky

Ididowo as she is generally called was seriously blamed for getting a charge out of a sentimental issue with the entertainer at about a similar time he was transparently engaged with Taiwo. This prompted a virus war between the entertainers who didn’t agree. Odunlade has purportedly proceeded onward from them since.

Eniola Alao:

The on-screen character has needed to deny that it occurred with Odunlade on more than event. She said all she has with the entertainer is just a decent working relationship. In any case, inside sources demand that there was more to the two than they were prepared to concede. Yet, an insightful man once said that there was no smoke without fire.

Kemi Afolabi and Tope Solaja

Both wedded entertainers as of late ruled the tattle plant when they apparently occupied with an open spat due to their competition over Odunlade. The enraged entertainer depended on chiding the women for making their business open so they could get footing with his name. “I was stunned and maddened when I read in the news that two wedded on-screen characters were battling filthy over me. I don’t have the foggiest idea why they would drag my name which I have gone through long stretches of difficult work to work in the mud simply like that,” he said to a limited extent.

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