5 Nollywood Actors Who are presently exceptionally Broke-No 3 will stun you

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Here’re 5 Nollywood Actors Who Have

Come Out To Say They Are Broke

It’s regularly stunning when an on-screen character, who has delighted in long periods of fame, comes out to state he is bankrupt.

A few on-screen characters either grow dim of the spotlight in light of the fact that the jobs were done coming in, leave Nollywood on their own terms on the grounds that the compensation was not, at this point palatable, or even pass on the grounds that they couldn’t manage the cost of their doctor’s visit expenses.

Femi Ogedengbe, who was before a ‘fruitful’ entertainer in the Yoruba film industry, as of late uncovered that he as of now gets more cash-flow as a security watch in the US than he did as an on-screen character in Nigeria.

Stanley Aguzie, who handled a job in Vikings after he moved to Ireland, revealed to Tribune Online that a ton of his well known companions are destitute and hopeless.

Saidi Balogun revealed to Encomium Magazine this is on the grounds that Nollywood is no longer what it used to be and most on-screen characters can no longer charge expertly.

“We simply settle for whatever the makers are prepared to offer,” he said.

If fans somehow happened to pass judgment on some Nollywood on-screen characters by their notoriety or amount of movies, they would be very rich people. However, that isn’t the situation.

Here are five mainstream on-screen characters who have come out to inform the world regarding their budgetary status:

1. Ernest Asuzu

In 2015, Daily Independent detailed that Asuzu was seen asking at Shoprite in Surulere Lagos.

The on-screen character, who was all the while recuperating from a stroke at the time was limping while he asked for cash to eat.

In 2016, the entertainer was skilled with a fresh out of the plastic new jeep and money to begin over again by Prophet Jeremiah Omoto Fufeyin.

The prophet gave him a spic and span jeep worth N3.5m, and 1.5 million naira to fire up another life.

In a 2017 meeting with Linda Ikeji Blog, the entertainer said he was surrendered by the individuals from the Actors Guild of Nigeria, who knew about his circumstance.

Ernest Asuzu, until his infirmity, was a functioning on-screen character in Nollywood. He is mainstream for motion pictures, for example, “Unplanned Discharge,” “Regal Wedding,” “Chain Reaction” and “Messy Game.”

2. Baba Sala

Veteran humorist and on-screen character, Moses Olaiya, prevalently known as Baba Sala, as of late mentioned budgetary assistance from Nigerians for his wellbeing.

Sala, who is well known for motion pictures, for example, “Orun Mooru,” “Aare Agbaye,” “Precious stone” and “Ana” required a great deal of cash for his clinical treatment abroad.

His first child, Reverend Dele Adejumo, said that all business ventures of the matured veteran have been destroyed by conditions and poor administration.

“I need assistance. Nigerians should support me. I am not dead yet, they ought not let me bite the dust enduring,” he said during a public interview.

3. Dejumo Lewis

In 2015, Veteran entertainer, Dejumo Lewis, who is referred to for his job as Kabiyesi in “The Village Headmaster” great TV cleanser, said he was penniless.

During a meeting with Punch, the on-screen character said that in spite of the ‘legend’ and ‘symbol’ mark, he was one of the least fortunate paid on-screen characters in Nollywood.

“I needed to battle to pay my lease and my staff. I should concede that at the present time, I am obliged to the administration of the inn that I am remaining. I additionally owe two of my staff over a quarter of a year pay. They have been so faithful and focused on me,” he said in 2015.

Lewis has featured in widely praised motion pictures, for example, “Astonishing Mirage,” “October 1,” “When Love Happens” and “Intrusion 1897.”

4. Uche Oduputa

In 2007, Uche Oduputa was captured for dealing drugs and was imprisoned for a long time and three weeks.

In a meeting with Broadway TV, the on-screen character uncovered that his money related circumstance drove him into dealing.

As indicated by him, he figured it would change his condition since he wasn’t getting any generous film jobs at that point and couldn’t stand to take care of or house his family.

Since his discharge from prison, the on-screen character has included in effective creations, for example, “Spouses of Lagos,” “Last Flight to Abuja,” among others.

5. Tajudeen Oyewole (Abija)

Prevalently known as Abija, the entertainer was an effective Yoruba on-screen character until he was engaged with a car collision in 2007, while shooting the film “Ibinu Abija.”

In a 2015 meeting with The Nation, the on-screen character said that his distinction hadn’t converted into riches.

“I am not rich; I don’t have a rooftop over my head, which is a piece of estimating one’s riches in this piece of the world; I don’t have a land,” he revealed to The Nation.

He included that the cash acknowledged from acting is simply very little, or even as enough as their fans might suspect.

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