Young lady pursues distraught being dropped by a major man in Delta (Video)

Written by wavyclick


Reports coming our direction is very disheartening. A little youngster in her alleged twenties in a split second lost her faculties and ran frantic

quickly she was dropped by a yet to be recognized driver. As indicated by observer, this occurred in Delta State, Nigeria, correctly in Afiesere intersection at Ugheli. The young lady apparently was dropped by a garish vehicle, which is certainly claimed by a rich individual.

She was supposed to be dropped at the dead of night, and promptly began acting peculiar. Bystanders assembled to question her, in order to get any pertinent data they could, however totally appeared to be unsuccessful, starting at course, she wasn’t intelligible enough.


She continued yelling, “Convey me go Ogun water-side, water-side”… .

Individuals were seen making a joke of her, calling her distinctive unfavorable names, others intimating she had been utilized for cash ceremonies.

The dismal show appeared to have brought to the social affair a lot of individuals, of which many appeared not to be thoughtful with her condition, and they were in any event, chuckling at her show o


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