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15 different ways to know the size of a young lady’s va-jay through her facial looks – The thicker the lips the more…

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Each lady’s lips and eyes uncover the size of her ve-jay-jay. Did you realize that you can really get an inexact thought

about the size and state of a lady’s ve-jay-jay dependent on her facial highlights? In all honesty, Taoist Matchmakers in China were known for blending couples together dependent on how well their private parts fit together, and they utilized the facial highlights of every individual to make that assurance. Quite cool huh?


Each element on the face associates to an alternate trait of the ve-jay-jay, and you might be shocked to discover what the eyes, lips, nose and cheek bones of a lady uncover! It is significant for the PENIS to fit consummately inside the ve-jay-jay for most extreme solace and joy, so investigate these pieces of information.

In Taoist matchmaking convention:

1. In the event that a lady has a little mouth and short fingers she will have a little, short ve-jay-jay.

2. In the event that she has enormous, thick lips, her veE-jay-jay is will be wide and thick.

3. In the event that she has profound set eyes her veE-jay-jay will be profound.

4. A lady with ‘thin’ eyelids will have a profound veE-jay-jay.

5. A lady with thick meaty eyelids will have a short veE-jay-jay.

6. A Woman with protruding eyes, will have an extremely short veE-jay-jay

7. A lady who is myopic will have a profound veE-jay-jay. The more astigmatic she is the more profound the veE-jay-jay.

8. A lady with huge watery eyes, will have a major watery VeE-jay-jay. Once more, the greater the eyes, the greater the veE-jay-jay.

9. A lady with a wide mouth and dainty lips will have a tight and profound veE-jay-jay.

10. Puckered, projecting lips or jutting bone structure demonstrate a versatile veE-jay-jay. It could be enormous or little, however it will be wet, warm, and delicate. It additionally vibrates and trembles and is frequently alluded to as a ‘talking veE-jay-jay.’

11. A lady who is intense and aloof will have a hard, dry veE-jay-jay.

12. A lady with restricted cheeks and jaws will have a little, screwy ve-jay-jay. In the event that it is just marginally bended this isn’t an issue. Be that as it may, if the bend is huge, she will require a long narrowS.

13. On the off chance that a lady has a restricted temple and level nose, she will have a short, wide ve-jay-jay.

14. On the off chance that she has jutting cheek bones, she will have a profound ve-jay-jay and a solid s8Xual want.

15. On the off chance that a lady has a dimple, she has a short ve-jay-jay.

There are factors that can make varieties of these characteristics, however these highlights insinuate regular propensities with regards to the characteristics of a lady’s ve-jay-jay.

Test these speculations out on your accomplice for the sake of entertainment and check whether you can figure the shape, profundity and surface of her ve-jay-jay by looking at her facial highlights! It will be a pleasant method to extend your dreams about what’s between her legs.

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