Here’re ‘poor’ Nollywood Actors Who Cried For Help But Still Died

Written by wavyclick

It isn’t news that Nigerian entertainers and on-screen characters have been becoming sick and passing on as of late.

Numerous Nollywood entertainers we see on screen may not be rich as we might suspect. Since a large portion of their job is a ‘Major man’ delineate on screen doesn’t suggests that they are monetarily light in the reality and that is the reason the greater part of them look for outside assistance at whatever point they are tormented with disease that is greater than their pocket.

In the mean time some Nollywood entertainers carried on with a wild existence without considering putting something aside for the ‘unforeseen’. So this makes the on-screen characters in this classification gets practically zero pity at whatever point they need help from their partners and the general population.

And furthermore, some are too pleased to even think about letting their circumstance known, so when their poor circumstance is at last uncovered to the open atimes it turns out to be past the point where it is possible to spare their lives.

Most Actors who have kicked the bucket of sickness falls into at least one circumstances referenced previously. As much as we attempt to feel for them, we likewise accept a ton could have been done to stay away from these ailments as they are for the most part connected to one negative behavior pattern or the other.

The following is the rundown of entertainers and on-screen characters that have shouted out for help regarding subsidizing yet at the same time proceeded to brilliance – may their delicate spirits rest in immaculate harmony.

5. Ruler James Uche

Ruler James Uche was famous for lead jobs in exemplary films, for example, Igodo and Lost Kingdom was released suddenly from the medical clinic since he was unable to stand to cover his emergency clinic tabs in January 2017.

On-screen characters like Desmond Eliot rose to his salvage alongside his child and spoke to the general population for assets to deal with the weak entertainer as Prince James required in any event 15 million naira for his kidney transplant medical procedure in India.

Good natured Nigerians acted the hero and the assets were raised for his treatment yet the sickly entertainer despite everything gave to Glory on the eighth of March, 2017…click on next underneath to proceed

4. Martins Njubuigbo

Prominently known as Elder Maya, Martins Njubuigbo passed on subsequent to fighting with a liver infection for an extensive stretch of time. Before he kicked the container, he needed only 1 million naira for medical clinic treatment bills and he proceeded to request for pulic assets from Nigerians.

A well known pastor acted the hero and helped him with 1 million naira in gift.

In any case, the on-screen character despite everything passed on in October, 2016.

3. Ashley Nwosu

Ashley Nwosu likewise gave to wonder in April, 2011 subsequent to doing combating with Liver confusions at 58 years old.

It is accounted for that Nollywood abandoned him during his infirmity period wvwn when it was reputed that a great deal of associates were obligated to him monetarily.

The family despite everything proceeded to look for help however their supplications failed to be noticed and the entertainer died….click on next beneath to proceed

2. Enebeli Elebuwa

When Enebeli Elebuwa became sick in 2011, Segun Arinze apealed to benevolent Nigerians to help raise assets to treat the debilitated on-screen character who was fighting with stroke.

Delta state government acted the hero and flew him to India for legitimate treatment yet it was past the point of no return as the on-screen character passed on still.

After he passed on, Stella Damasus communicated her failure at the manner in which the issue was taken care of by his associates while blaming them for utilizing online life as a device to advance their assistance.

1. Olumide Bakare

Ibadan based entertainer, Olumide Bakare was conceded into UCH in Ibadan after he endured heart failure. He shouted out forhelp from his associates while imploring them to help him monetarily for his medical clinic bills and furthermore send an expression of petition to his family.

He anyway died in April, 2017 after he had been sick for quite a while.

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