The Clinical Expert Explains Why Nigerians Should Stop Drinking Garri

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Chief of Public Health, Enugu State, Dr Boniface Okolo

has forewarned Nigerians against the utilization of doused garri to abstain from reaching Lassa fever.

Okolo, who gave the admonition in a meeting with News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), on Saturday in Enugu, said the rodents that caused the malady were for the most part in contact with Nigerian most well known staple food ‘garri,’ a cassava item.

He added that it was important to dishearten utilization of drenched garri since it didn’t require bubbled water.


Okolo noticed that bubbled water could go far to eliminate microbes brought about by nuisance or rodents in garri.

“It is better than the cassava drops called garri is utilized for ‘eba’, in light of the utilization of high temp water.

“We in the state wellbeing service are pursuing all out war against rodents through sensitisation, that is the thing that we are doing to guarantee we don’t have survivor of Lassa fever in the state.

Loss of life from Lassa fever hits 118 in Nigeria

“We are likewise sharpening the general population to guarantee that their products of the soil vegetables are appropriately washed on the off chance that they should be expended crude and cook to the suitable temperature.

“The prescribed procedures for food stockpiling ought to be urged to forestall scourge.

“We ought to consistently ensure that we use hermetically sealed clean plastic holders to safeguard our staple to maintain a strategic distance from Lassa fever and different ailments,” he said.

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