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The Most Notorious Fraud Suspects, Looters, Criminals In Nigeria History (With Pictures)

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WithinNigeria Listed The Most Notorious Fraud Suspects, Looters, Criminals In Nigeria History (With Pictures)

EFCC has pronounced a few speculates needed for different wrongdoings, in this rundown are most needed Politicians and Ex-Leaders. Standard Nigerians are not forgotten about in threatening, debilitating and slaughtering others. Likewise included are the absolute most infamous hoodlums whose names were sufficient to place dread in the core of the normal Nigerian.

While examining about Criminals in Nigeria, eyebrows are constantly raised when normal Nigerians are the main core interest. This rundown joins everything, it will discuss both presumed Politicians announced needed for different wrongdoings and standard Nigerians that made names for themselves out of different demonstrations of fear inside and outside the Nation.

1. Abdullahi Usman Adamu assumed name Dan China – FRAUD SUSPECT

Abdulahi Usman Adamu is affirmed to have gotten a section installment of $500,000 USD through his organization Guroje Mining Company for the gracefully of 3000MT of Lead Ore to a Chinese Company, Shengjia International (HK) Limited.

A quarter of a year later, Dan China would not gracefully the merchandise and is by and by on the loose.

He was a gubernatorial wannabe in Bauchi State and he has been announced needed by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC.

The lawmaker cum excavator is needed by the counter join office for purportedly acquiring the total of $0.5M USD (Five Hundred Thousand United States Dollars) from fore referenced Chinese Company, by misrepresentation.

2. Abiodun Egunjobi otherwise known as Godogodo – NOTORIOUS CRIMINAL

Abiodun Egunjobi, assumed name Godogodo

Abiodun Egunjobi, assumed name Godogodo, had just one eye yet he was about the deadliest equipped burglar Nigeria at any point had.

Godogodo threatened Lagos and other Southwestern states for a long time till he was caught in 2013. Egunjobi who hailed from Ogun state is accepted to have executed more than 100 police officers and taken millions in his criminal vocation. Godogodo was so cautious about his life in the black market that his loved ones possibly discovered who he truly was the point at which he was at long last captured.

Godogodo who rose from being a ghetto kid to the pioneer of a posse that opposed all reasons, hit with exactness, executed without kindness and threatened Lagos and the south west with total surrender.

Prior to his capture on August 1, 2013, Godogodo, otherwise called the one-looked at professional killer, gave the Lagos State Police Command such a great amount of migraine for a long time, to such an extent that on the day he was captured, the order emitted in happiness: at any rate its men would be protected from his weapons.

The way Godogodo figured out how to dodge the police is as yet unbelievable. Truth be told, he was one after another, on the highest point of the Most Wanted rundown of the Command with a few Police Commissioners relegating the hardest of cops following right after him.

Godogodo supposedly went for tasks with a sack containing 10 completely stacked AK 47 rifles with 30 rounds of ammo each and in that capacity, he was completely arranged as far as weapons on his back.

Watch his self admission beneath..

It was assembled that Godogodo used to tell his pack individuals that he could never be captured alive and had pledged to go down with whatever number cops as would be prudent on the day he can’t get away from capture.

This pledge was later seen as genuine, as against theft analysts recouped a few stacked AK47s, each with 60 rounds of live ammo, from various pieces of his living arrangement, including the kitchen, room, restroom, living room upon the arrival of his capture.

He was so acceptable at masking his crimes that even his better half and relatives never realized what he was into. He had six houses in various areas including Lagos, Ogun and Ondo States, and never remained in a specific area for over a month.

He had more than 52 fish lakes and went for an effective agent, regarded by all. he never drank, smoked, womanized nor mingled, depicting himself as a truly capable family man, yet where it counts, he was as lethal as a mamba…click close to proceed..

3. Tompolo – FRAUD SUSPECT

The Ex-Delta Militant pioneer, is needed for a situation of scheme, illicit preoccupation of the total of N45.9 billion having a place with the Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency, NIMASA.

Since December tenth, 2015 Tompolo has been declred needed for addressing by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) and had would not respect their greeting asserting he was in court against the counter defilement office.

In particular, the EFCC wishes to interrogate Tompolo regarding the unlawful offer of N13 billion in land from him to the Federal Government. As indicated by reports, the Federal Government needed to develop the Nigerian Maritime University (NMU) and had occupied open assets through the Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency (NIMASA) to the activist.

Mr. Tompolo is allegedly stowing away in the Niger Delta rivers; he dismisses any intimation that the land bargain was fake asking EFCC to contact previous President Goodluck Jonathan for explanation.

4. Ishola Oyenusi otherwise known as Doctor – NOTORIOUS CRIMINAL

Ishola Oyenusi was one of the principal famous furnished burglars in Nigeria. He is eminence for his savagery with many guaranteeing the criminal even murdered individuals for things as little as a stick of cigarette. He is accepted to have gotten into equipped burglary in 1959 however the long arm of the law found him and he was executed in 1971.

Oyenusi began his burglary vocation by grabbing a vehicle (whose proprietor passed on all the while) in light of the fact that his (Oyenusi) sweetheart required some cash. It was said by certain individuals that Oyenusi was sentimental. He sold the vehicle at the cost of N400 and gave the cash to his better half.

Oyenusi came into spotlight after the Nigerian common war finished in 1970. He burglarized banks and individuals in both sunlight and night, and he never let any of his casualties live to see one more day, he killed them all! This earned him the name “Specialist loot and slaughter”. At the stature of his terrible rule, Oyenusi gloated that “the shot has no force”

Be that as it may, nothing keeps going forever, and as the proverb says, regular has a place with the cheat while a day has a place with the proprietor. On the 27th of March, 1971, Oyenusi was caught by the police during one of his theft activities where he and his famous posse executed a police constable named Mr. Nwi and took $28,000 as at that point. Haze of disgrace floated above Doctor Ishola Oyenusi as he was casted under the steady gaze of the law and saw as blameworthy at that point condemned to death by terminating crew.

Ishola Oyenusi being directed to the stake

when Oyenusi was guided to the mainstream Bar Beach in Lagos where he was to be executed, more than 30,000 Nigerians were cheerfully and energetically holding on to see the man who had threatened them get perplexed by hot shots. It was said that some government employees even carried a final resting place to the execution ground to deride the once forceful burglar boss who was presently only a substitute whose breath would be depleted at whatever second.

Specialist Ishola Oyenusi (orbited) and his posse’s execution

He likewise said “I am biting the dust for the offense I have submitted”. Oyenusi and different crooks were affixed to the stakes. The troopers lined before them and pointed their ever prepared firearms. A portion of the crooks shouted their final expressions of dissent at the cameras. At that point a noisy voice let out “fire”! Oyenusi and other criminal’s body were showered with shots. That was the dramatic finish of Ishola Oyenusi who lived by the projectiles and kicked the bucket by the slugs.

5. GEN. Abdulsalami Abubakar – LOOTER

At the point when World Bank discharged names of Nigerian marauders, GEN. Abdulsalami Abubakar was not avoided. The Ex-President plundered 1.31bn pounds, 2.33bn Swiss franc and 800M USD.

The Justice Chukwudifu Oputa Commission of request examining human rights infringement in the nation was dealt with motel 2011 to stunning subtleties of how the General Abdulsalami Abubakar system supposedly ravaged the economy, siphoning a few billions in both nearby and outside monetary forms, including $40 million contributed by worldwide organizations for the late General Sani Abacha’s self-progression offer.

Previous leader of the Directorate of Military Intelligence (DMI), Brigadier-General Ibrahim Sabo (rtd.) affirmed that the essential point of holding onto influence by military men was to take cash. He said that prompt past Head of State, “General Abubakar showed high affinity of searching for cash and protested noisily whenever he didn’t get his desire.”

6. Lawrence Anini otherwise known as The Law – NOTORIOUS CRIMINAL

In his time Nigeria recorded two sorts of equipped burglars and they are Lawrence Nomanyagbon Anini and others. No furnished burglar has ever held the whole nation on deliver as Anini. Truth be told, his rule was wicked to the point that he was even talked about at the State Security Council meeting.

Lawrence Anini was an infamous outfitted looter who threatened occupants of Old Bendel state (presently Edo and Delta states) during the 80’s. Anini and his posse began as vehicle snatchers however graduated to burglarizing banks.

He began function as a lorry driver (some state cabbie) after his lord terminated him and gradually changed into a pioneer of the neighborhood engine stops, controlling and telling touts.

Following the unexpected topple of the legislators in the mid 1980s and restricting of governmental issues in 1984 by the Buhari system the exceptionally talented driver (presently of groups of hoodlums and back up parents) found that furnished burglary was undeniably increasingly rewarding and chosen to frame his own savage pack

Anini slaughtered a considerable lot of the police officers sent to secure him yet was at long last trapped in December of 1986. The Anini terrror at last reached a conclusion on account of the fearlessness of Superintendent of Police, Kayode Uanreroro. On December 3, 1986, Uanreroro got Anini at No 26, Oyemwosa Street, inverse Iguodala Primary School, Benin City, in organization with six ladies.

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