Top 10 Richest Pastors in Nigeria and Their Net Worth (2020 Update)

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Nowadays, stories of how ministers are being related to

everything identified with being a poor person are currently sounding stunning as contemporary circumstances are different that corrupt story.

Nigerian ministers presently live in sheer opulence while using regional impact outside of their circles into legislative issues, business and different endeavors.

Ministers are no longer observed as a ruined hopeless parcel.

In the stead of that general thought, ministers are presently being reprimanded for being excessively rich and colorful to the detriment of chapel part’s monetary stores and ventures.

For giving profound answers for the heap of more than 180 million individuals in Nigeria, these ministers are being come up with all required funds and they cause the activity to appear to be rewarding to such an extent that Christian abundant adolescents presently join the train of building up temples freely.

The expanding influence of this accomplishment by righteous men is accelerating the day by day ascent of temples in Nigeria.

This article brings a jump into the best 10 most extravagant ministers in Nigeria and their total assets, their holy places which is the chief wellspring of their riches and their other monetary undertakings which comprises some eye-popping total assets.

The following is the rundown of top 10 most extravagant ministers in Nigeria and their total assets


Chapter by chapter guide

Diocesan David Oyedepo (Net Worth – $160 million)

Minister E. A. Adeboye (Net Worth – $130 million)

Fire up. Fr. Emmanuel Edeh (Net Worth – $90 million)

Minister Chris Oyakhilome (Net Worth $50 million)

Prophet T.B Joshua (Net Worth – $25 million)

Minister Matthew Ashimolowo (Net Worth – $17 million)

Minister Chris Okotie (Net Worth – $10 million)

Diocesan Ayodele Oritsejafor (Net Worth – $6 million)

Cleric Mike Okonkwo (Net Worth – $5 million)

Minister Lazarus Muoka (Net Worth – $4 million)

Cleric David Oyedepo (Net Worth – $160 million)

Possessing the main spot as the most extravagant minister in Nigeria is the organizer and directing Bishop of Living Faith Church Worldwide with the moniker Winners Chapel.

Priest David Oyedepo is from Kwara State, Nigeria and his situation as the wealthiest minister this side of Africa is a commendable strict accomplishment just that he broke history to turn into the most extravagant minister on the planet and left the remainder of his nation of origin staggered.

His service birth kid – Winners Chapel International is one of the greatest in the nation with more than 500 branches across Nigeria and present in 45 African countries.

The congregation spearheaded the use of great love places in the nation with its 50,000 limit assembly room.

Probably, the parity brought down in a solitary Sunday administration here could match the month to month income of certain states on the planet.

This hall as indicated by the congregation is having an elder sibling soon as she intends to raise another 100, 000 seater limit forcing adore focus.

Cleric Oyedepo possesses a personal jet (Gulfstream 1) in spite of the fact that media tattles guarantee he claims four of them which he has portrayed as unwarranted.

He is the professional chancellor of Covenant and Landmark Universities.

He has created a few books through his own distributing organization and makes no dime under the table.

He lives in an extravagance house in Canaan city (the congregation’s locale) and explores around in expensive vehicles at whatever point he isn’t on his winged animal flying.

Minister E. A. Adeboye (Net Worth – $130 million)

Known for his laid-back platform life and lowliness, Pastor E.A Adeboye is the general administrator of the Redeemed Christian of Church (RCCG) and the second most extravagant minister in the nation.

The previous University of Lagos senior speaker of Mathematics is an indigene of Ifewara, Osun State Nigeria and ministers the biggest church in Nigeria as far as populace (around 5 million attendees) with an incalculable number of branches scattered around the niches and crevices of Nigeria.

After he turned into the general administrator of the RCCG in 1981, he acquired many branches from the author, Pa Akindayomi in Nigeria.

Today the RCCG is available in more than 190 nations of the world.

Minister Adeboye possesses a personal jet for service purposes and carries on with a not all that flashy life, recall that he is the dad of lowliness.

The congregation runs her own college (Redeemers University), a TV station, print machine among other service attempts.

The RCCG home office sits on a 44 hectares property called the reclamation camp.

It is alluded to as the biggest city of God on earth.

The camp is the size of an enormous nearby government including banks, emergency clinics, land, essential and auxiliary schools, malls and other urban foundation inside its limits.

The camp is worth billions of naira.

Fire up. Fr. Emmanuel Edeh (Net Worth – $90 million)

Most extravagant Pastors in Nigeria

The main catholic cleric to enroll into the most extravagant ministers list comes in the famous persona of Rev. Fr. Edeh.

He is one of the most noticeable and respected catholic cleric in Nigeria.

He is from Enugu State, Nigeria.

Father Edeh as he is broadly known is an educationist and claims an instructive combination comprised of Caritas University Enugu, Madonna University (In Rivers and Anambra States), Madonna Secondary School(Elele Rivers State), Osisatech Boys Secondary School (Enugu State) and Aba Girls Secondary School (Enugu State).

Fire up. Fr. Edeh is a keen speculator cum cleric of the Holy Ghost Congregation.

Asides his instructive organizations, he possesses two or three maternity medical clinics, an undeniable emergency clinic, a unique analytic focus, a motherless child home, a microfinance bank and assembling organization.

He is the organizer of a journey and harmony compromise focus known as the journey focal point of the Eucharistic Adoration in Elele, Rivers State.

Minister Chris Oyakhilome (Net Worth $50 million)

Chris Oyakhilome total assets

Minister Chris Oyakhilome

This is one of Nigeria’s most contemporary gospel ministers driving the path of western strict the norm in the nation with his uncommon lessons and a one of a kind complement.

Toward the beginning of the 21st century, his congregation turned into another strict sensation in Nigeria clearing the country over and earning a multitude of supporters.

He began his service as a grounds association (Believers LoveWorld Fellowship) at the Ambrose Ali University in his home territory of Edo.

Minister Chris is the author and leader of Believers LoveWorld Inc. a.k.a Christ Embassy. Christ government office is a family strict name in Nigeria and has more than 13 million individuals all around.

Minister Chris claims a personal jet, which was a blessing from individuals from LoveWorld records, the music arm of his congregation.

His congregation claims a 24 hour satellite TV station among other TV stations far and wide, a print machine, a record mark, an internet based life stage and an innovative expressions institute.

Ministers Chris overflows premium class and style, lives in a white house, rides in intriguing vehicles and possesses some land both neighborhood and globally.

Prophet T.B Joshua (Net Worth – $25 million)

TB Joshua Biography

Prophet T.B Joshua

Without a doubt, Prophet T.B. Joshua is the most acclaimed prophet in West Africa.

He is the originator of The Synagogue Church of All Nation (SCOAN) with its home office and just branch in Ikotun, Lagos, Nigeria.

He ministers a 15, 000 part gathering with the figure shared among Nigerians and outsiders from across Africa and the world.

The Ondo State conceived prophet is known for his marvels and philantropism which draws in a huge number of global strict voyagers’ consistently to his Lagos, Ikotun base.

The prophet is very rich as his congregation help the travel industry of Nigeria accepting a normal of over 2million guests day by day.

A Nigerian paper once revealed that the Synagogue church of all countries gets a greater number of guests than the Buckingham royal residence and the London Tower consolidated.

He claims Africa’s biggest Christian TV Network known as Emmanuel TV which communicates 24 hours nonstop.

He has supposedly spent over $20 million on good cause, a figure that is about 90% of his normal total assets.

Minister Matthew Ashimolowo (Net Worth – $17 million)

Matthew Ashimolowo is the main leader of Kingsway International Christian Center (KICC) with its central command in London, United Kingdom.

Everything began when he changed religions from being a Muslim to a Christian at age 22.

He is a Nigerian of Yoruba drop and his congregation is about the biggest pentecostal church in London.

The KICC is additionally present in abundance entireties in Nigeria and in different countries of the world.

In what appeared to be a temporary re-route from foursquare gospel church Nigeria, he established the KICC London in 1992 and drove the congregation to turning into the biggest in gathering outland of Nigeria where the white skin shading is pervasive.

Minister Matthew claims a personal jet, a Media and Publication Company that distributes the greater part of his flourishing based writings (Matthew Ashimolowo media) and different strings of venture.

He allegedly wins about $200,000 as his yearly pay.

Minister Chris Okotie (Net Worth – $10 million)

Chris Okotie Biography 2019

Minister Chris Okotie

Chris Okotie is a Nigerian contemporary Pastor with a one of a kind style of lecturing in top of the line expressions and vocabularies.

Chris Okotie is from Delta State, Nigeria and is the originator and main leader of Household of God Church International, Lagos Nigeria.

To begin with, he was a Nigerian common pop craftsman well acclaimed in the 80’s for his incredible works, at that point he got the call to service.

In this manner, he dumped his exceptionally fruitful music vocation and began the Household of God Church in 1987.

His congregation is one of the greatest in the city of Lagos and is well prestigious as a love community for most Nigerian famous people of the Nollywood business.

Minister Chris is supercool and lives in luxurious way of life.

He has a

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