I passed on, returned to existence with message from God – Deeper Life lady

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An individual from the Deeper Christian Life Ministry, who professed to be Sister Fanny said she kicked the bucket in the wake of being debilitated for a few

time, went to damnation and that God breathed life into her back with a notice message for the Christians.

The story was posted in a Facebook gathering, “Further Christian Life Ministry individuals” by one Nathaniel T Nain Jr.

Fanny is a Deeper Life chorister in Ghana and she is a lead soloist during chapel projects and her melody is on YouTube,

Peruse her story on pages underneath:


My name is Sister Fanny, an individual from Deeper Life Bible Church. I got wiped out — At a period, my condition turned out to be more terrible.

Because of lack of blood, the shade of my blood changed. I quit breathing, which implies I kicked the bucket — at that point I started the excursion to forever.

Abruptly, I wound up remaining between an expansive and tight way — At that place, I saw numerous individuals racing through the wide way, while just three individuals went through the limited way.

In the following stage, I wound up remaining before the Judgment seat of God. I saw a horde of blessed messengers revering God, they were stating… . “You are Worthy, You are Worthy, You are Worthy.”

Two heavenly attendants from the horde of holy messengers faced me with two books in their grasp — One of the blessed messengers opened the book with the engraving “The Book of Life” — With speed he turned the pages of the book as far as possible yet my name was not found in 📖 “The Book of Life.”

He opened the second book with the engraving 📖 “The Book of Death.”

He additionally turned the pages extremely quick: he stopped nearly toward the finish of the book and took a gander at me and called me by my name “Fanny” — you were given 3 presents:

1. Evangelism.

2. Singing and

3. Educating.

… however you didn’t do well with these blessings — Instead you committed yourself to common instructing on account of material things.

The Value God Places on Sunday Service — Weekly Activities — Evangelism — Follow-Up and Visitation.

The holy messenger asked me , did you go to Church administration last Sunday before you got wiped out?

I addressed “Yes.”

He stated, you were recorded missing; the heavenly attendants that takes record of participation took record by 8.00am when administration initiates — while you came 3 minutes after 8.

So you were late — Lateness is comparable to nonappearance.

At that point he asked me, did you go to book of scriptures study the last Monday before you got wiped out?

I said truly, however you were late, he said you were mark missing — He asked me “did you go to the mid-week administration on Thursday?”

I addressed “No”, he at that point said that Sunday Service, Bible Study and mid-week administration score 10% each — He said that my all out score of participation is 3/80%.

He asked me once more, “how regularly do you go for evangelism?”

I said “all the time” he at that point said “shouldn’t something be said about development and appearance?” I revealed to him that I do them all the time.

He said “Evangelism, appearance, and follow-up scores 100% each — The holy messenger said “you scored 30% in evangelism, 40% in development and appearance half — Your score is 120/300%.”

He asked me “in the event that I do pay tithes 💰 , I said “Yes”

He said that we should pay tithe of all things — be it blessing — increase or compensation — He went further that we should give more in offering unsatisfactory norm.

He at that point asked me, “as an instructor if your understudy scores these imprints, will you pass him/her?”

I said “No”, he delayed for some time and said “what do you need to state about this?

By then I was shuddering bec

ause I realized that I was in a tough situation. I saw beneath, the worthy standard Daniel 5:27: 27 TEKEL; Thou craftsmanship said something the equalizations, and workmanship discovered needing — Hebrew 12:28: 28 “Wherefore we getting a realm which can’t be moved, let us have effortlessness, whereby we may serve God acceptably with worship and faithful dread”

The other blessed messenger who had been quiet said with an uproarious voice, “You are unfaithful worker, take her to hellfire”

At the point when I heard that voice, I was unnerved—I wish I could vanish or get away however there was no-where to cover up or escape — I sobbed harshly before the holy messengers, arguing for kindness. Sadly, their countenances stayed still — they were not moved by my tears and sobbing.

… .But as I kept crying and arguing for another opportunity — the holy messenger who was conversing with me said “give her Hell.”

I saw numerous individuals who are crying sharply in hellfire — 10 strokes of whip was given to me as a notice for being unfaithful hireling — the whip was excruciating to the point that I was yelling as opposed to crying .

As I continued arguing for the additional opportunity while sobbing — the holy messenger said to me “return to the world and revise your ways” at that point, I woke up yelling “fire, fire, fire — The warmth of damnation fire was horrible to the point that I was unable to comprehend the agony.

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